New Coach! Welcome Brendan!

The club is proud to announce that we have hired a new full-time coach for all our paddling needs. We also have two Canada Summer Job grants for assistant instructors. So, this will be a great summer of paddling in Chilliwack. There will be lots of new programs posted as soon as Brendan gets settled in our little community. 

Brendan Headshot.png

Brendan Curson has been involved in the sport of kayaking as an athlete and coach for the past 30yrs. During that time he has built a reputation nationally and internationally as a positive and driven coach, leader, and educator. For the last 10yrs, Brendan has been the Head Coach for the Saskatoon Whitewater Kayak Club developing top level whitewater athletes in a variety of disciplines in Saskatchewan. Since 2008 Brendan has also worked with the National Slalom program as a technical coach, most recently spending the last three years with the Junior/U23 Slalom team. Brendan is a NCCP Competition Development Level III Canoe & Kayak Coach as well as a NCCP Level II Learning Facilitator for Canoe Kayak Canada. With a background in Education and a proud father of three children, Brendan brings with him a strong coaching philosophy and excellent knowledge of student-athlete development in Canada's sport system.

Parking at Cultus Lake

At the parks board meeting last night the CCE was denied continuation of our free parking privileges at the lake by the boat house. The reasoning was that no groups are given free parking and it is lost revenue for the park.  They have developed a a a fee structure that is below. I'm not sure when they will start enforcing the parking fee with tickets, but the cost of a ticket, is about the same as buying a 6 month pass. which basically would cover our paddling season.

I'm sorry for this change, but grateful to the parks board for the years of parking without a fee we have enjoyed.
Please check their web page and use the fee best suited to your needs for parking and paddling.


Paid Parking

Cultus Lake Park, unlike a Provincial Park, relies on parking fees to sustain the beautiful public areas 365 days a year.

Parking is enforced by Lions Parking Ltd.  

Paid Parking is in effect year-round in all Cultus Lake Park public parking areas: 

  • Lot A - West Side: $3 per hour or $10 per day
  • Lot B - Main Beach: $3 per hour or $10 per day
  • Oak Street Park: $3 per hour or $10 per day
  • Plaza Parking: Free 2 hour parking for Plaza patrons only

Annual Parking Permit

Annual parking permits are available and may be used in Lots A and B as well as the treed (east) side of Sunnyside Boulevard.  

Annual Parking Permits are available for purchase at the Park Office during office hours or at the Visitor Services Office (July and August only). Permits are $100 and remain valid January through December. Permits are linked to the vehicle license, with no pro-rating for late season purchases. 

Six Month Parking Permit

Six month parking permits are available and may be used in Lots A and B, as well as the treed (east) side of Sunnyside Boulevard. 

Six month parking permits are available for purchase at the Park Office during office hours or at the Visitor Services office (July and August only). Permits are $50 and remain valid for a period of six months from the date of purchase. Permits are linked to the vehicle license. 


CCE open house scheduled for tomorrow, September 19th has been cancelled.

Sorry folks ,  this will be rescheduled when people available.

Many apologies to our sponsors and supporters 

Rob Fletcher, president, CCEPC


GOLD MEDAL FOR Jazmyne DenHollander


Jazmyne Denhollander's clean, fast run through the rapids yielded Pan American Games gold by a boat tip.

With just three hundredths of a second separating first from third in the women's kayak slalom, the Canadian captured the gold medal in Minden, Ont.

"Absolutely, I felt myself capable of this," Denhollander said.

"There was a lot of pressure because this was the Olympic qualifier to get a spot for Canada and I was also the Pan Am boat, so I did want a medal really bad. I'm so proud of myself."

Denhollander was the third-fastest qualifier in the semifinal. The women's final was delayed an hour by a late afternoon thunderstorm that poured buckets on the Minden Wildwater Preserve northeast of Toronto.

Denhollander had to manage her mind and body for 60 minutes before putting her boat back in the water.

"I started to get cold and I was a little bit hungry," she said. "I just tried to rehydrate, get some fluid in me and try to keep warm. It was tough. I'm very proud of myself for coming back from that.

"I was thinking about my race plan. I was thinking about where I could make up time and where to take the most valuable risks in my run. I thought I might as well give it all that I've got because I wouldn't have a second chance."

The 21-year-old from Chilliwack, B.C., posted a time of 97.92 seconds with no penalty seconds added for touching or missing a gate.

Ana Satila of Brazil and Ashley Nee of the U.S., also ran the course penalty-free, so the gold came down to speed. Satila was .02 seconds back of Denhollander for silver and Nee .03 slower for bronze.

"When they're that close, it makes the best races because you really had to fight to the very, very last second," Denhollander said.

She posted the fastest time at the second interval. Once Denhollander navigated a tricky feature on the course called Earl's Hole, she felt she could attack the course.

"I knew if I got that, it was pretty much straightforward from there on," she said. "I could hear the cheers from my teammates and the crowd. It was amazing to get that little burst of power knowing people were watching me and cheering me on."

The clouds cleared and the sun appeared for Denhollander's medal ceremony.

"It was very beautiful," Denhollander.

Denhollander followed her two older brothers into her sport and began whitewater kayaking at age 10 in an elementary school program in Chilliwack. She grew up paddling the Tamahi Rapids on the Chilliwack River.

Her triumph capped a four-medal day for the national whitewater team.

With canoe slalom making its debut at these Pan Am Games, Cameron Smedley of Dunrobin, Ont., took silver in men's C1 and Calgarian Haley Daniels claimed bronze in women's C1.

Edmonton's Ben Hayward earned bronze in men's kayak. He and Smedley were eliminated in the C2 men's semifinal.

Canoe racers use a single-bladed paddle and sit in an open boat, while kayakers use a double-bladed paddle and sit in a boat with a closed cockpit.

Lake Paddle November 15

Short notice I know, but the weather is supposed to be cold but sunny so we are going to have a lake paddle.  Sign up on sportical if you are coming