Pointa Vista and the Pool instead of the Cedar

Hi everybody,

We just got word that the Cedar River Race has been cancelled due to current/expected high water levels. 

As a consolation event the CCE will host a casual river day for our members. Come out Saturday at 1:00pm to the Pointa Vista put-in for a park and practice/play event. 

I will be there from 1:00pm until 4:00pm with boats and gear. 

Remember that the river water is very cold and you should wear:

a wetsuit + thermal layers (wool, fleece)

water proof jacket (will bring some of the club jackets)

Booties or Wool sock + runners

Quick dry tight fitting pants.

Bring a change of clothes for after and a thermos of hot chocolate for during!

We also have a pool session on Saturday Night come out an practice your roll. I will be there so should you!

-Jon Allen