Competitions and Events

The CCE Paddling Club hosts a number of races each year:


Rich Weiss Race

This race is typically held in April each year at the CCE Paddling Club whitewater race site at the Tamihi Rapids, Chilliwack River.


Tamihi 5-0 Race

This fun open boat race is typically scheduled mid September and run in partnership with volunteers from the open boat community. The race is run at low water on the Tamihi Rapids race site, Chilliwack River.

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Whitewater Nationals 2020

Tamihi Rapids, Chilliwack River: August 2020

Watch this space…


Flatwater Race Series

We hold a variety of flat water Races in the Spring and early Summer each year, fun and accessible for everyone. A great way to improve your paddling technique. Look for Icebreaker Race(s), Mother’s Day Race or Cookie Race on the Sportical event schedule.