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BC Slalom Championships / Tamihi 5-O / Boater Cross Race

BC Slalom Championships will be held in conjunction with the 8th anniversary of the Tamihi Five-0 Open Boat Race. This event is a fun, recreational slalom race for all whitewater boats (Open Canoe, whitewater kayaks and canoes, slalom boats, and even SUP's). Join us for a weekend of slalom to celebrate that we are part of an awesome sport!

  • Sometime Monday - Thursday will be rough course setting
  • Friday
    Friday evening will be course setting 
  • Saturday 
    9:00 am final course setting 
    after course setting is Slalom Practice time for open boats and slalom boats.
    Saturday morning will be slalom practice
    Boater Cross will run at 2pm in the afternoon.
  • Sunday
    9:30 am Racer's Meeting 
    10:00 am Race 
    2:00 pm approximately Course take down 
    Awards will be presented after course take down. 
  • Volunteer help is always needed, please sign up on the sportical site above and come and have fun. If you have a job preference use the text box to let us know.  Lunch will be provided for all volunteers.