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Visit the events page for details as they change to suit the river level and objective for the week.

These sessions are for the whitewater enthusiast who has little to no experience in whitewater. It'll be lots of fun and you'll come out of these sessions with the skills to take on the gentler/scenic sections of the Chilliwack River. You should be comfortable with the wet exit on flatwater, good boat control and a keen sense of adventure. Skills that you should be familiar with include: Wet exit, quick directional changes, bracing.

We will focus on running sections of the river that challenge the group. Starting early sessions on the Pointa Vista Section and working our way up to Alison Pools by the end of the summer.

Dress should include: 

  • Wetsuit (if available) 
  • tight, quick dry pants or shorts, or swim trunks 
  • Thermal Layers depending on weather. 
  • Drytop or semi-drytop 
  • Spraydeck 
  • PFD 
  • Helmet 
  • Whitewater Booties or Running Shoes 
  • *Glasses should be secured with a strap
  • Spraydecks, PFDs, Helmets, boats, and paddles available from the club.

Register Early and pre-pay to save your spot. These sessions will be limited to 7 participants. Your spot will be saved upon receipt of payment. No Drop-ins will be accepted.

Cost is $15