Opportunities to Donate

The CCE Paddling Club has multiple opportunities to become part of our team as a donor or sponsor.

Your donation will go to providing opportunities to BC youth to explore the many pathways our sport has to offer. 

Donors and sponsors will be proudly displayed on the CCE Paddling Club website. 

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The CCE Paddling Club hosts a number of competitive and community events every year. Donations and sponsorship of our Events Portfolio will go toward providing:

• Food and drinks for volunteers and competitors

• Medals and awards

• Draw Prizes

• Volunteer uniforms

• Equipment rentals (tents, audio, timing, etc)

2018 Target Goal - $5000.00

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Equipment in any sport ages and wears and as new developments in equipment are introduced it can also become irrelevant. We are currently looking to upgrade our whitewater instructional boats and are looking to add to our flatwater recreational fleet to better accommodate our Community Flatwater Program. Donations and sponsorship of our Equipment Portfolio will go to:

• Purchasing new whitewater instructional kayaks

• Purchasing new flatwater recreational kayaks

2018 Target Goal - $15,000.00

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Every athlete dreams of representing their club, province, and country and it's a proud moment when they can put on their team uniform and stand on the podium. Team uniforms instill a sense of pride and belonging and help promote a positive team atmosphere. At the CCE Paddling Club we try to promote a sense of team in everything we do and our athletes are proud to represent their club within Canada and around the world. 

2018 Target Goal - $2000.00

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Training Camps

Paddlesports are a fun and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors and while Chilliwack offers some of the world's best natural training grounds for slalom kayaking, there are some things we just can't train for here. Almost every international slalom event is held on artificial whitewater courses which means that our athletes must travel to train and race on these courses in order to be competitive at the top level. Every spring and fall, our team travels to various artificial whitewater courses to train with athletes from across Canada. These training camps provide huge benefits to learn and grow as athletes and help prepare them for international competition. Donations and sponsorship of our Training Camps Portfolio will go to:

• Water time - $450.00 USD/hr (Based on RiverSport Rapids, Oklahoma City)

• Fuel and vehicle costs

• Accommodations

• Food

2018 Target Goal - $10,000.00

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