Community Builders

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Dan Norman

Dan first came to Chilliwack to train with the National Team in the 1980's. After spending years competing at the highest level Dan decided to offer his expertise to the future champions of our sport and started instructing and coaching the youth of Chilliwack to kayak. The Chilliwack River Kayak Club was born and eventually became today's CCE Paddling Club. Dan has since moved to Vancouver Island where he teaches Outdoor Education and Leadership. He continues to teach youth to paddle and is one of Canada's top Slalom Competition Officials.


Saskia Van Mourik

In 2005, Canoe Kayak Canada chose to relocate the National Team to Ottawa leaving local  Chilliwack athletes without a coach. Saskia at the time was balancing spots on both the National Slalom and Freestyle kayaking teams. Even with a huge training load on her plate, Saskia stepped up and decided to coach the local athletes. The athletes who came out of Saskia's program quickly filled up the spots on the Jr National Team and revitalized the CCE Paddling Club. After finishing her degree in kinesiology Saskia helped write the current Long Term Athlete Development model for whitewater kayaking as well as the instructor and coach certification programs for Canoe Kayak Canada.  Saskia now lives in the NWT and continues to be a leader in the paddling community as one of Canoe Kayak Canada's Master Coach Developers. 


Al and Shonnet Allen

If you look behind the scenes of the CCE Paddling Club for the past 20 years, you will find Al and Shonnet Allen. They first got involved with the Club when they put their sons Craig and Jon into the paddling program with Dan Norman. Since then, Al and Shonnet have been a driving force behind the development of the club and paddling in general in Chilliwack. Today, you will find Al helping out at local races and events while Shonnet is our Recreation Director and leads our Community Flatwater Paddling Group with Teena Shaw. 


Rob Fletcher

The man behind the lens. If you see a photo of a paddler at any whitewater event in BC since 2010, nine times out of ten that photo was taken by Rob. Whether he is spending hours sitting on rocks, tucked into the nook of a downed tree, or right in the river, Rob will do anything to get the perfect shot and does it to share his love of the sport with paddlers. Rob isn't just the camera guy, he is a leader in our paddling community as both the past president of the CCE Paddling Club and now as the Whitewater Director for Canoe Kayak BC. In his current role, Rob single handedly revived the Rutherford Whitewater Park which is slated to reopen to the public in Spring 2018.