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THURSDAY Nights 6:00pm to 9:00pm
LOCATION Osborne Rd (aka Pointa Vista)


This month we will be paddling at the Pointa Vista Spot. Still a great location for those who are first time river explorers and more fun for those with experience. We'll have a fire on the beach near the water so come watch/paddle/swim! (Someone remember to bring marshmellows this time.

If you'd like to drive to the fireside you'll need to drive up to Tamihi and down the Tamihi Forest Service Rd

Once a month throughout the summer is your chance to learn about paddling on the river at a casual gathering. The cost will be by donation so pay what you can. We just really want to see all club members participating and learning together. Jon Allen will be instructing on the water for kayaking, and we'll hopefully have a campfire. Participant will be encouraged to paddle, swim, practice rescue skills, and enjoy the beautiful Chilliwack River Valley. The location will be listed in the title of the event.

Boats, Spray decks, PFD's and helmets will be available for those who register in advance at

Adequate clothing for kayaking: 
• Wetsuit is recommended 
• Lots of layers of non-cotton clothing 
• Waterproof outer layer (rain coat or paddle jacket) 
• Warm footwear that will stay on feet in moving water (wetsuit boots, runners with wool socks etc)

Please direct any questions to